Revolutionizing Risk and Capital Modeling
Since 2001, we have been at the forefront of our industry, guided by innovative clients and partners. As specialists in cutting-edge ECM, Reinsurance Optimization, ESG, Reserving Pricing platforms and services for Non-Life insurers, reinsurers and brokers, we enable a sophisticated, risk-conscious business culture to support risk strategy and ERM.

Our people are industry specialists with backgrounds in the actuarial sciences, ERM, mathematics, physics, software development, insurance & reinsurance. We speak ten different languages, have rich and diverse backgrounds, and are strongly focused on serving our clients.
Why URS?
Our platforms meet the needs of the increasingly dynamic insurance and reinsurance environments as we build, deliver and constantly advance powerful capabilities on our suite of capital, reserving, pricing, ESG and asset modelling platforms.
We have a rich history of helping clients cut through complexity while deepening their understanding of risk using innovative analytics to design faster and better solutions.
We're a trusted analytics partner to many insurers, reinsurers and reinsurance brokers worldwide to help drive opportunities and navigate the risk and actuarial modeling landscape. We consistently exceed our clients' expectations with new creative ways of risk modelling by a team of risk experts that is reliable, committed and solution driven.
Our principal business and sole commitment is to develop the most advanced platforms and provide them without conflict of interest to our clients, enabling a sophisticated risk-conscious business culture to support strategy and enterprise risk management.

Our core areas of expertise

Our leadership team
How we operate:
Research & Development
The Research & Development staff includes PhDs in physics and mathematics, designated actuaries, software designers who are experts in financial risk modeling. The R&D staff works constantly to update existing products and create new software to improve business decision making.
Business Development
Managing Directors work in major world regions including the UK, EU, US, Middle East, Latin America, and Asia ensuring continuous client satisfaction and developing new business relationships.
Client Servicing
Senior US, UK, and Italian actuaries work directly with companies providing training, maintenance, and user support. They maintain close contact with clients and work with users to customize URS products to their specific needs.

Our locations