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Who we are

We are independent financial modelling software developers. We believe clients are best served by a DFA software product that is not tied to a reinsurance broker or to a consulting company for which the brokerage and/or consulting revenues are the main priority. Our sole commitment is to develop the most advanced software and to provide these products to our clients along with training and support services.

Leading DFA tool

Risk Explorer™ from URS is today’s leading Dynamic Financial Analysis tool used by insurers, reinsurers, brokers, and government agencies worldwide. Risk Explorer™ is faster than competitors’ products. It’s easier to use. It can be learned in two days. Large models can be built in minutes. For mid-size and smaller companies, we offer Risk Explorer Express Edition designed specifically for this important market sector. Express Edition provides the analytical tools these companies need for business planning and risk evaluation at an affordable cost. Rating agencies today are expecting companies large and small to have Enterprise Risk Management Programs that evaluate all the risks they face. The Enterprise version and Express Edition of Risk Explorer are the Dynamic Financial Analysis tools best qualified to meet these requirements.

Solvency II conformity

If you’re doing business in the European Union, you’ll have to comply with Solvency II, the new regulatory regime that goes into effect in 2016. Risk Explorer™ is the DFA designed to meet Solvency II requirements, so give us a call.