PortfolioPolis Release and first public Demo


On January 28th, 2020, Ultimate Risk Solutions celebrated the release of its new platform, PortfolioPolis, by hosting a lunch-and-learn session at the 30th floor penthouse of 85 Broad St in New York City. A select group of Chief Risk Officers, Executives and actuaries were invited to witness this first-ever official demo of the product. We believe the session was a success and look forward to hosting similar ones in the future.


Some information on the product itself: PortfolioPolis is a portfolio analysis and optimization application to model and evaluate pricing and underwriting strategies. It uses data at the policy level to model and a wide range of relational data base tools to bring together internal and external information and create unique business strategies. The Beta version has recently been released. We already have our first client and it continues to generate market traction. A few big advantages this insurance rating platform offers: it has no limit to reporting capabilities, complexity of rating algorithms or size of portfolio, flexible testing of pricing strategies, enables optimization of portfolio profitability and comparison with competitors’ analysis.


In the best tradition of URS products, PortfolioPolis is easy to learn and use allowing you from the get-go to focus on achieving your business goals.


Fore more information, please feel free to view the accompanying PDF which has the slides from the actual presentation: