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PortfolioPolis™ is a portfolio analysis and optimization application to model and evaluate pricing and underwriting strategies. Whether your company is large or small, operating as an insurer or managing general agent in a highly competitive marketplace.

PortfolioPolis™ provides you state-of-the-art underwriting and marketing tools to help you make informed data-driven strategic decisions about pricing and business development.

A Powerful Pricing and Optimization Tool

PortfolioPolis™ is a highly sophisticated and intuitive software tool that combines ease of use, speed and flexibility with unprecedented functionality and analytical power.

PortfolioPolis™ makes it possible for business and product managers to meet or exceed sales objectives in a competitive market while maximizing underwriting profits.

How PortfolioPolis™ Works

PortfolioPolis uses data at the Policy Level to model pricing and underwriting decisions with great accuracy. It offers a wide range of tools to manage the information and create unique and successful business strategies.

Here is how it works:

  • Import Data Columns of policy-level data from various sources, called Data Tables. These columns could contain quantities such as Premium, Losses, Expenses or Claims, or rating variables used in the Underwriting process and in policy pricing – both quantitative and qualitative.
  • Create Derivative Data Columns by applying transformations to one or more existing Data Columns and defining Performance Measures to be optimized.
  • Create exploratory Reports based on the Data Columns to reveal the number and pricing of risks in your portfolio.
  • Create Strategies comprised of Actions performed on selected Subsets of Policies, resulting in either revised pricing or removal (non-renewal) from the portfolio.
  • Create Reports for each Strategy to show the gains/losses for each Action, and for All Actions combined.
  • Create Comparisons, which let you compare values for a collection of Data Columns across Strategies in a set of Comparison Tables using performance measures that you defined.
  • Incorporate Competitors pricing and underwriting information to determine the competitiveness of your Strategies using predefined Competitiveness Indicators.

PortfolioPolis™ is Intuitive yet Powerful

No programming required… become fluent in days. Your focus remains on identifying relevant data sources and manipulating information to optimize your selected performance measures.

Wizards are used at all levels of model building to accelerate model development. Structures are easily and quickly manipulated, reordered or reproduced in an environment that provides great transparency and ease of auditing.