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About DFA

Whether you’re reviewing your DFA platform or considering the risk model that best meets your needs, there are 10 questions you should ask.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Explorer™, the DFA software by Ultimate Risk Solutions, is an ideal platform for building models that quantify and report on the risks identified in ERM. Learn more.

Solvency II

If you’re doing business in the European Union, you’ll have to comply with Solvency II, the new regulatory regime that goes into effect in 2016. Risk Explorer™ is the DFA designed to meet Solvency II requirements, so give us a call. Learn more about Solvency II.


To support our products we provide trainings, consulting, maintenance and updates. We have experienced programmers, mathematicians, and actuaries capable of engaging in projects whenever needed.

How we compare

Learn more about our products comparison with other Modeling Products.