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Res-Solver™ is a state-of-the-art deterministic and stochastic reserving software. One of its unique models is based on the analogy between payout of insured losses and decay of radioactive material described in nuclear physics.

Res-Solver™ produces deterministic estimates and simulates stochastic distributions of:

  • Insurance company’s ultimate losses and loss reserves for:
    • each underwriting or accident year/quarter,
    • each line of business, and
    • the company as a whole.
  • Cash outflows (loss payouts) produced by past insurance policies or reinsurance contracts in each future calendar year/quarter.

Res-Solver™ has the following advantages:

  • Innovation – Incorporates several unique new modeling approaches to stochastic reserving;
  • Flexibility – Sufficiently flexible to work with most triangles without prior adjustments;
  • Predictive Power – Models losses at any time point beyond last development period of the triangle;
  • Advancement of Existing Knowledge – Generalizes and develops best features of classic reserving methods, such as Chain Ladder and Bornhuetter-Ferguson, and adds stochastic features;
  • User’s Control – User is in full control of the model having the ability to change assumptions or incorporate his (her) own judgment at every step of the process.