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The combination of analytical power and user-friendly interface enables new users to build complex models in Risk Explorer™ with just a few days of training. All new users of our products receive hands-on training from our experienced staff. We are always available to provide ongoing training in targeted areas for our users. Any time they want to explore alternative methods for building their models we provide tutorials or live training over the internet. Of course, Risk Explorer™ comes with a built-in user manual and context-sensitive help, which are great resources for understanding specific calculations and methodologies.

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Maintenance and Updates

We release a new version of Risk Explorer about once a year. Between the versions, we usually release 5 to 10 Service Packs per year. These updates include new features that are immediately available to all users. The documentation is updated to account for the changes and an accompanying document is included which details all changes made to the system. The software is delivered via the secure downloads section of our website.


Occasionally our clients need dedicated consulting to accelerate the model building effort, to help with knowledge transfer during staffing changes, to create processes for model parameterization, and various other tasks associated with financial modeling.

We have experienced programmers, mathematicians, and actuaries capable of engaging in projects whenever needed.