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Endorsements from Academics

Assaf Zeevi, Henry Kravis Professor of Business, Columbia University, New York, USA:

“Ultimate Risk Solutions” Global Economic Model, Predictable Dynamics, is a simple yet powerful dynamical systems-type model of macroeconomic evolution. It differs markedly from both Real Business Cycle (RBC) type models as well as most dynamic stochastic general equilibrium type models (DSGE’s). One significant trait of the latter two is their fine grain structure that typically is predicated on utility maximizing economic agents (and as such are also vulnerable to potential misspecification of their utility functions). URS Real World, in contrast, is more of an aggregate model that centers on the role of supply shocks that drive changes in the state of the economy according to a given dynamical system model which, among other things, also allows to incorporate monetary policy response.

Predictable Dynamics model is easy to interpret and explain, with few “moving parts,” and its parsimonious structure supports robust parameter inference and straightforward calibration to observed macro variables. It also lends itself to surprisingly accurate out-of-sample prediction. Especially noteworthy is its ability to capture the joint behavior across several economies, and as such it is well positioned to guide dynamic financial analysis that accounts for global cross-market dependencies.”

What Others are Saying About Risk Explorer

“The product always somehow manages to exceed expectations. Well done. We will certainly remain a loyal client. Looking forward to try the stochastic reserving module.”

Guy Cloutier, FCAS, FCIA,
American Safety Reinsurance, Ltd.

“Having used Guy Carpenter’s MetaRisk and Benfield’s ReMetrica, I found Ultimate Risk Solutions’ Risk Explorer™ to be noticeably faster and much more use-friendly. Evaluating complex reinsurance structures has never been easier for me. The user does not have to be VBA-proficient – only reinsurance savvy. Mixing multiple currencies and US/UK accounting standards is not a problem for Risk Explorer™.”

Martin Kelly
Senior Actuary U.S. RE Corporation

“Maiden Re has found Risk Explorer™ to be very useful for a number of risk modeling needs. Reserve ranges and estimating capital are examples. The benefits of the tool, that we’ve not been able to address previous to purchasing Risk Explorer™, are modeling many contracts with different reinsurance terms, ease in uploading a sizeable amount of modeling inputs, and the ability to combine unlike businesses as modeled by different areas of Maiden Re into one analysis. In addition, the service that URS offers in enhancing the tool to meet our specific modeling needs is outstanding.”

Lesley Bosniack
Maiden Re