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UltiFit™ is a sophisticated and easy-to-use tool used to fit statistical distributions to source data. With its ability to quickly find suitable distribution parameters, UltiFit™ is an important complement to Risk Explorer™ and supports users in the important task of model calibration. As a stand-alone product, UltiFit™ can be used with any modelling software application.

UltiFit™ is designed for insurance, reinsurance, and other industries where both short- and long-tailed distributions are used in modeling.

UltiFit’s features include:

  • Over twenty distributions on the fitting list
  • Long-tailed and short-tailed distributions
  • Advanced optimization algorithms
  • Fitting of truncated and conditional distributions
  • Fitting data samples or target moments/percentiles
  • Fitting insured loss data samples with policy retentions and limits
  • Criteria for selecting best fit distribution.