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Ultimate Risk Solutions provides clients with customized software to identify and quantify risks in all lines of insurance, reinsurance, and related enterprises. Working with our technicians, companies gain insight into the wide spectrum of risks that influence results. Working together, we create scenarios that demonstrate potential outcomes from different strategic options.

Dynamic Financial Analysis Has Never Been Easier

Our flagship model Risk Explorer™ and related products help business leaders make decisions based on todays most sophisticated technology and avoid pitfalls that can result from inadequate knowledge of risks their companies face. We listen to each client’s needs and propose solutions based on a wide range of software and analytics including:

  • Dynamic Financial Analysis software, which covers the widest range of risks that affect bottom line results.
  • Economic Capital Modeling, which identifies a company’s total assets and liabilities and provides options for allocating capital.
  • Portfolio Optimization, which enables decision makers to select business strategies based on analysis of a company’s entire portfolio across all lines of business.
  • Economic Scenario Generator used in regulatory, reserve, and capital calculations based on analysis of macroeconomic and financial variables.
  • Catastrophe Analysis, which imports results from RMS, EQECAT, and AIR models seamlessly into total risk scenarios based on a company’s exposure.
  • Global Economic Model, which helps multi-national companies plan ahead by generating economic scenarios in multiple regions based on variables including GDP, inflation rates, unemployment, wage growth, stock market indexes, and exchange rates among others.
  • Enterprise Risk Management framework to meet rating agency requirements.
  • Analytics to help companies comply with Solvency II.
  • Reinsurance Analysis to evaluate program options, ceded reinsurance, net benefits, pricing, and risk transfer.

Risk Management Software

Risk Explorer™ and related URS products provide clients the most sophisticated, fast, easy-to-use software to address the wide range of issues insurers, reinsurers, brokers, consultants, and regulatory agencies face in risk management and strategic planning. Click on any of the above topics to learn more or contact info@ultirisk.com.

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